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OKBET Phoenix aims to extend its winning streak, as Meralco struggles to recover.

Despite its early challenges in the PBA Commissioner’s Cup, OKBET Phoenix Super LPG has showed amazing spirit. The Bolts will face the Fuel Masters at the PhilSports Arena on Wednesday to see whether Meralco can match their tenacity.


The game begins at 3 p.m.

Coach Topex Robinson’s troops want to extend their winning run and improve to an even 3-3 record at OKBET Phoenix, while Meralco hopes to rebound from a disappointing 99-106 defeat to Converge on Saturday, which reduced the Bolts to 1-3.

“This is a must-win scenario for us,” Meralco coach Norman Black remarked on the night of the game. “With OKBET Phoenix playing as well as they have the previous couple of games, we will have to be at our best, particularly on defense,” Black continued.

One of the important questions for the Bolts is who will fill in for Chris Newsome, who is still out, and Chris Banchero on OKBET Phoenix, who is also out with an injury and will be a game-time decision. Phoenix has no such issues with its guards, as Tyler Tio and Encho Serrano have been outstanding, appearing well acclimated to Matthew Wright’s pre-conference departure and the conference absence of the injured Jason Perkins.

Tio has averaged 21.5 points and 7.0 assists in the Fuel Masters’ victories against NLEX and Barangay Ginebra at OKBET Phoenix, which lifted them out of a 0-3 start at a time when the club was also attempting to quell reports that the franchise was for sale at OKBET Phoenix.


Serrano has also contributed significantly, coming off the bench during that mini-streak and averaging 17 points and 3.5 assists while assisting imports like as Kaleb Wesson, Javee Mocon, and Sean Anthony.

Robinson said that his players should focus on enduring the pressure while just enjoying the game. “It’ll be great for us,” he stated after defeating Ginebra 101-93.

“We pulled ‘easy’ out of our lexicon because, again, it’s not going to assist us at this moment, with everything that’s going on around us,” Robinson continued. “So we simply embrace hard and attempt to grow better at dealing with ‘hard.'”

Meralco will undoubtedly create pressure, mostly via Johnny O’Bryant, Cliff Hodge, Bong Quinto, and Raymond Almazan, while Allein Maliksi and Aaron Black will lead the Bolts’ attack (NC) at OKBET Phoenix.

FAQs (Questions and Answers)

How do I enter a PBA tournament?

  • Follow this link to either log in with your PBA number or sign up for a new account. Select “Current” from the Tournaments & Events section of your Account Home to display the full list of upcoming events. Find the event you’re interested in registering for and select the three green bars in the first column to expand the event details.

Where can I get a schedule?

  • Tap on PBA Tour in the top navigation of pba.com to check the TV schedule and all event schedules.

How much does it cost to bowl in a PBA tournament?

  • Regional Tour – $220
  • Regional Tour – $285 (non-members)
  • Senior Tour – $450
  • Senior Tour – $500 (non-members)
  • PBA Tour – $500 PBA Tour – $600 (non-members)

Tournament entry costs may vary.

How can I enter and pay for an event?

  • PBA Tour

PBA Regional Tour

  • Non-members may join PBA Regional Tour events using the PBA on-line system, which may be accessed by logging in to your account or signing up here; on-site entries may be accepted, but there is no assurance a slot will be available.


  • Non-members may join a PBA50 event using the PBA on-line system, which may be accessed by logging in to your account or signing up here; on-site entries may be accepted, but there is no assurance a slot will be available.

Do I have to enroll if I win a tournament?

  • PBA Tour Non-members may cash once every calendar year without becoming a PBA Member; the US Open and USBC Masters do not count as cashes on tour.
  • PBA Regional Tour Non-members may cash twice during the calendar year without becoming a PBA member. Non-members who cash twice and choose to bowl again during the season must join or waive their right to prize money. The Member/Non-member Doubles event in each region does not count toward the two cash rule. PBA50 Tour Non-members may cash in one (1) PBA50 Tour tournament during the season (excluding the Senior U.S. Open and USBC Senior Masters).

What is the average requirement for non-members?

  • To bowl in a PBA tournament as a non-member, you must fulfill the average criteria to become a PBA member, which is at least 200 in a USBC sanctioned league.

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